Thursday, September 12, 2013

Its a…

Dan and I are excited to announce that Ava is going to have a little SISTER!!!  We are so thrilled to welcome another girl to our family.  Dan jokes that he is having nightmares, but he is such a sucker for Ava and he loves that Ava worships the ground he walks on.  Dan was positive that it was going to be a girl.  As the only boy of five children, he is just certain that he is doomed to live a life surrounded by females:) 

We are not ones to keep secrets, so we will go ahead and say that we chose the name, Julia Margaret.  We love the name Julia and it was one we considered for Ava, but we had Louise as a middle name already and we didn’t want to name our child after Julia Louise Dreyfus (although we are both Seinfeld fans).  The middle name is in honor of my beloved Aunt Margaret, whom cancer took away from us too soon and my Grandmother (also a Margaret), whom I also miss dearly. 

Here are some 4D images of Julia:



3DFace (2)

3DFace (3)

It’s crazy, but I can already see the resemblance to Dan.  By the way, the strange bumps around her face are her hands.  I actually thought it was her foot until the doctor informed me that he would be very concerned if her feet could bend that way:)

At 22 weeks everything is going well.  The heartbeat sounded great and all the measurements came up as normal.  I had an appointment on Tuesday was my Sage Femme (mid-wife in French) and I was very happy with her.  She is the first practitioner I have experienced that spoke excellent English, so she was able to answer all of my questions (and not just the ones I could ask in French).  It was funny because the previous sage femme, whom only spoke French, kept insisting I was 2 weeks less pregnant than I knew I was.  I come to find out that I told her my expected due date was Janvier TRENTE (30) when it is really Janvier TREIZE (13).  Oops…my French teacher would not be impressed. Going through my first pregnancy in the Belgian medical system has been an interesting experience, one I plan to blog about later on. 

I will be blogging again in a week or so about our adventures in London.  We are leaving next week to meet my parents and I am SO excited!

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