Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life’s a Beach, Part 1

Friday and Saturday were devoted to the number one reason to go to Hawaii, the beach.  Dan was super stoked to go scuba diving as he just completed his certification. 

Friday, after picking up all the scuba equipment, we headed to Electric Beach.  This beach got its name due to its location across the street from a power plant.  There are pipes that lead into the water, causing super warm water and attracting some great sea life.  The boys were fortunate enough to dive with dolphins and see a ton of beautiful fish. 

dolphin Dolphins (kind of hard to see)

IMG_0635Where the guys started their dive  

electric beachHmm…a little scary

creepyPerhaps someone who should have read the warning?

IMG_0638 The beach in the distance is where the rest of us spent the day and where the boys swam to. 

divingGetting ready to dive.  

After the guys got settled, we drove down to a more swimmable beach.  The boys were going to swim there after they were finished.  This beach was an improvement from the the first place, but was still not the most desirable beach.  First, it was right off the highway.  Second, the water was kind of rough and there was a lot of debris in the water that hurt when you hung out in the surf.  There was some great seashelling and sea glass collecting. 


electric beach1

The water was a little rough, so we spent a lot of time looking for “treasure”…


burying each other in the sand…


and napping.


After a while we were starving and really excited to spot these guys coming in.

 IMG_0655 IMG_0656


Successful first dive!


Following the beach, we headed to Mac’s 24/7 which was featured on Man Vs. Food for their gigantic pancakes. By gigantic, I mean larger than a steering wheel. Dan and Ray both ordered pancakes and they were delicious. If in Waikiki, check this place out. The food and cocktails are fantastic.

For dinner, we celebrated Priscilla’s 18th birthday with dinner at the Shorebird. The Shorebird is a unique restaurant located on the beach in which you order your meat or fish and then grill it yourself on a giant grill. I was still full from lunch, so I didn’t eat too much at dinner:(

IMG_0664Happy hour before dinner

IMG_0665Great views of Diamond Head. This picture was taken from our table.IMG_0667IMG_0666


Grill masters


Looks who’s 18!


The real birthday girl

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